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The Silk Eye Pillow is a deeply relaxing gift for people of all ages and can be used to block out excessive brightness, glare or sunlight while resting or sleeping.

Silk Eye Pillow

SKU: 0006727
  • This product is filled with natural flaxseeds and needs to be kept dry at all times, water will damage the product. Please remove the item from the plastic bag to avoid condensation and store it with care in a clean and dry place when not in use. The outer case can be gently hand washed and ironed on low hear. Ensure that the inner bag is kept dry at all times.

  • MATERIALS: 100% silk, cotton inner bag filled with lightly scented flaxseeds.

    COLOURS: Colours may vary slightly from those shown on your computer monitor.

    DIMENSIONS: Length: 215 mm Width: 100 mm Height: 15 mm (approximately).

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