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Sheri's Beauty & Health has joined forces with Sacred Body to deliver nothing less than heavenly treatments.  Visit us at our new divine location in Palmwoods today.


Beauty Treatments that offer support for you,

your skin, body and overall well-being.

"As Women and Men we are bombarded with pictures of how we are suppose to look and be. Allowing a space where you can just be You and truly be nurtured with care and integrity is so important to me. Looking forward to sharing this space with you".

Sheri's Beauty & Health Massage Treatment
Sheri's Beauty & Health body treatmens
to nurture body & soul
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Nurturing Facial treatments to support you and your skin. Using Sacred Body creams.

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Enjoy treatments that focus on supporting the eyes to shine.

Sheri's Beauty & Health Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Unwind and unravel the stress and tension and simply re-connect back to you.

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Soothing and nurturing foot treatments that bring attention and care to  your feet and legs.

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Allow your body and wellbeing to be supported, simply to re-connect and  come back to you.

Sheri's Beauty & Health Wax & Tint Treatments

Wax & Tint

Enjoy waxing & tinting treatments to smooth the skin and allow the goddess within to shine.


Sheri has the ability to connect with the inner and outer qualities of her clients to bring an added depth and dimension to her treatments.


Sheri is a qualified therapist with a commitment to offering treatments that bring a more integrative and holistic approach to her clients. Her attention to detail, care and delicate touch, nurture and nourish from the inside out, leaving clients resolved of inner tensions to allow their inner beauty to shine through.

As a natural alchemist Sheri tailors treatments specific to the needs of her clients that are personable, restorative and inspiring. She offers a great reflection and reminder of how important it is to offer this level of self-care to ourselves outside of her treatment room – and into a way of living that honours the inner and outer beauty of who we are. 


Sheri's treatments bring a whole body approach to beauty that tips the beauty industry on its head. Her ability to honour and confirm the inner beauty of who I am ignites a deep resonance that far surpasses any superficial outer focus of beauty. Her space, quality and touch offers me the space to reconnect

and nurture the very core of my being.

Marcia - Brisbane



Friday 9:30am - 2pm



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Sacred Body
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